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IDF markings while they have changed from 1948 have by and large stayed the same with a few exceptions  The topics on this page will attempt to shed light as to the meaning of some of the markings. Some may need to remain vague for obvious reasons, others we just don't know the  answer. If you have insight into markings especially those no longer a matter of security (prior to 1990)please  contact us.

The Hebrew Aleph- Bet (alphabet)

In order to understand IDF markings one must have at least a rudimentary knowledge of the Hebrew Alphabet. Click on the link below for some basic rules and background  on the Hebrew language.

Hebrew language Primer

Israeli vehicle markings;The military markings on IDF combat vehicles has changed and evolved in various ways since 1948. So have air identification panels, fonts and of course numbering systems. There are also numerous unit symbols that may be see on vehicles. Everything in the IDF inventory has a number including of coursw the soldiers. In the charts on the folowing page we'll attempt to make heads or tails out of what seems to be a hodge podge of information.

IDF Markings

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