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Legends MaGach 6B Batash review


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  • Manufacturer: Legend Productions
  • Kit Number: LF1112
  • Kit scale: 1/35
  • Kit name: MaGach 6B Gal Batash conversion
  • Kit type: Resin with photo-etch
  • kit conversion for: Any M60 kit
  • Kit cost:
  • Company website:


The IDF's Magach 6B batash is the final derivative of the M60 series built for use by the IDF. First appearing in the 1990s is incorporates 4th generation armour developed for the Merkava program. This version retains the #6 designation as it is built on a M60A1 vehicle versus the early M60 with rounded turret as the Magach 7s were. The vehicle is essentially a 6B gal tanks with generation 4 armour instead of blazer packs. like ht Magach 7s this tank may be seen with all aluminum wheels or a mixture of aluminum and steel wheels with ribs.

The Legends kit come well packaged is a hard cardboard box with all parts neatly wrapped in 'bubble wrap'. In the box you have one part which contains the upper hull and and a separate rear turret basket. The turret basket is a one piece affair  molded full with cover tarps and platoon position panels molded on. This honestly saves much time and money having to buy or cast stowage. The second package contains the belly armour and lower part of the turret.

The last two packages contain the remaining small parts form main gun to extra armour for hull and mantlet. The  contains one of the beautiful new Browning .50 cal machine guns with newer mount over the gun mantlet. you are given a choice of gun mantlet covers, the only problem being the reason for either is not available. All told there are 125 resin pieces including the .50 cal. MAchine gun mount. In addition to the resin pieces there are two frets of photo-etch which includes parts for the bazooka skirt springs,turret roof rack, personal weapon clips and fender support ribs.

The instructions are Legends standard of color photos of a built up model with numbers overlaid on kit parts. As a general; rule Legends instructions a fairly clear although sometimes one or two piece locations are not shown.

The over all quality of casting is excellent with little or no flash on parts. the kit is molded in the standard yellow-tan that Legends uses. From reviewing the instructions and kit parts very little is left to be added although I sure some will find something.




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Legends graciously supplied our review copy
Reviewed by J.Weingarten sept 2005




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